Saturday, October 10, 2009


right now i am sitting with a giant plate of gluten free beef with broccoli on my lap!  it is a really good feeling.  beef with broccoli was one of my favorite things to order from the golden dragon as a kid.  my mom also had a version and i had been craving it for a few weeks now.

since going gluten free i've missed the ease in which i had been able to eat.  i could eat anywhere at anytime.  i was adventurous in regards to trying to new foods and ethnic restaurants.  i've recently discovered the joy of vietnamese pho and go to tank noodle every tuesday.  i've never gotten sick from pho and it is super filling!  in turn, i'm becoming more adventurous with my cooking and baking.

so, one of the things i miss is chinese food.  my simple stir fries just don't cut it.  this morning i searched for a recipe and found one on a fellow bloggers page.  it is great!  i just finished my mountain of rice smothered in rich beef, broccoli and yummy brown sauce.

a few days ago i made gluten free chicken noodle soup based off of this recipe here.  i'm pretty proud of how it turned out and i made enough to eat for leftovers for the next week.  now that i have my microwave back, leftovers make more sense.

thanks for reading!  maybe i'll be able to post some pictures soon.  i had fun learning how to do hyperlinks and i hope they all work.


  1. hey there...I'm enjoying your blog. I just recently started the gluten-free diet. I have RA and have had symptoms of celiac for years but until recently I didnt connect the dots. I feel much better gluten free! so far so good! keep up the great blogging! :)

  2. Hey so I've been looking up some gf-chili recipes, but I think that one chili we made on the fly will work for the cook off coming up this weekend: beans, ground beef, uh.. were there any other ingredients? hehe

  3. thanks for reading my brand new blog, leslie! i know it can be hard when you first start the gluten free diet but you already see how worth it it is! keep focusing on just how good it makes you feel when you eat the right foods and it will keep getting easier.