Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i must confess...

i feel terribly knowing that people have been visiting my blog and yet i have only written once this year.  it makes me feel ashamed.  i created this space and yet i've failed to fill it with anything.

i could make excuses for myself.  the list would be long.

but every one of my excuses could be easily refuted.

i have lots to say about being gluten free.  i live it every day, the good and the bad.  i've been living with celiac disease for four years and, in my belief, my whole life.

so, to turn this blog productive, to get me actually writing the ideas in my head, will you help inspire me?

i need ideas and prompts and support.  i need comments and questions.  no comment is too small or question too big.  what do you want to know?  what brought you here?  do you need support or a gluten free friend?  have you tried a brand of food or restaurant?  did i leave something out?

please help me to be a better blogger.


  1. Don't feel ashamed. This is YOUR space, you can fill it or not fill it as you will. Not to mention that it is hard to write or type one-handed; I can testify to that! Don't stress about it or turn it into "work!"

    You could write about your recovery from your injuries, many of us who care about you would love updates on how you are doing. In my blog I recently wrote up my summer reading list and why I chose those books, that might be an idea. You posted that religion article on facebook, and that prompted a good discussion. Maybe blog on that topic?

  2. Or are you looking for specific gluten-free topics?

    What about recipes? Or substitutes for gluteny products that work well in traditional recipes, like cookies.

  3. Or links to other gluten free-resources, books, product reviews...

  4. awe, jim, you're so sweet. my last two weren't really on topic, so i would really like to get back to it. though, the occasional post about anything else is okay, too. i think writing something is better than not writing at all. i don't feel an obligation to post, but i want to do it for me and for anyone reading.

    i like cooking and modifying recipes. i've started feeling that nothing is off limits these days. that will probably be the line of my next post. so, if you have family recipes that you love or a challenge for me, say you are gluten free and really want some favorite food, then send it my way!